I am not selling prints on this site. If you like a picture, you can download it. I have had some trouble with the download button disappearing. If that happens and you want to download a picture, please contact me.

If you want a real print (I am not sure anyone does that anymore), I suggest you go to CVS online (link below) and order a print through them. I have used that service and the prints are good. You can usually pick up the same day. Of course you could always print from your printer.

Many pictures are cropped to a 16x9 ratio. If you would like a cropping to a different ratio of a favorite photo, like 8x10 or 5x7, contact me (Contact Me link on home page) and I will see if that is possible. I could then email you the photo.

Please do sign in with your Facebook or Google+ account so you can comment on your favorite pictures. Unlike Facebook pages, this site is paid for by me and SmugMug won't scrape your data to sell it. My photos can also be viewed in the “Smugmug" app on your phone or tablet, available at the Apple App Store and at the Google Play Store.

Copyright info listed in each picture's metadata is:

@"Date" Alan J Murphy - Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivs

I do this to perhaps hinder someone from using these pictures for commercial purposes. I expect and hope that friends and family of these athletes will download favorite pictures.

Any general feedback can be given through the "Contact Me" link found in the left margin of my homepage.

Thanks for visiting my site.

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