Alan Murphy


Capturing Determination

I started taking sports photos when my girls started participating in sports. That initial involvement was with Mimi Hazelton and the Y's softball for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and then the local rec league soccer teams. JO Softball followed and then the school teams. That kept me busy for many years. When my girls  moved on in life I continued my interest in sports photography by continuing to follow the PO Mountie Softball Team. From there I branched out to cover other Mountie sports teams. In order to catch the Mountie athletes earlier, I started attending JO Softball  and Little league games.

When my girls were very young I was carefully shooting one picture at a time with a Canon A-1 35mm film camera and sending the pictures off to be developed to see what I had taken. From there I moved to one of those new fangled digital cameras, starting with a 2.0 megapixel Fujifilm FinePix 2650. Viewing the pictures at home was free on the computer, no developing.

My next camera was a Sony Cyber-Shot 5.0 Megapixel with a zoom lens. The zoom was a nice improvement for getting closer to the action. After my girls graduated I moved on to a Canon 60d, a significant improvement in picture quality. The burst mode led me to shoot many more photos per event. How I wished I had that camera when my girls were younger. My next camera was a Canon 7D Mark II with improved auto focus and faster burst mode.

The next step in my photography journey  was post-processing with Lightroom. I was able to fix photos that did not turn out just as I had hoped. It also allowed for the cataloging of the many thousands of pictures I was taking each year.

I started posting pictures to Flickr to make it easy for others to view my pictures and to download copies for their own collection. I created a Mountie Sports Pics Facebook page for additional access to my pictures, although Flickr provided for better picture viewing on a computer screen.

I found that Flickr posted ads every 5th pictures when using the slide show feature. So I have now moved to SmugMug which provides a clean slide show mode without ads. Smugmug also allows for the easy  downloading of pictures and the ability to  download a whole photo gallery with one click of the mouse. (should anyone really want to)

I currently shoot with a Canon 1Dx Mark II. Again a camera with a still faster burst mode and slightly better auto focus. I love the quality of the pictures it captures when I get the settings right. I do not charge for any of my pictures. Charging for pictures would limit the reach my  pictures have and the number of eyes that ultimately see the  pictures of these amazing athletes.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you found a picture that you liked.

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